• The State of Digital Rights

    Today, we’re proud to support the release of the State of Digital Rights report, which outlines the many ways Australians’ rights are being impacted by the activities of private companies and governments in the online world. The internet is often touted as the new frontier of freedom of expression, described simultaneously as a wide open plain free from heavy-handed intervention - or a lawless landscape that political leaders struggle to understand and fail to police.
  • IFH:DT Hack update – projects underway, new team members welcome!

    We’re under way at the Internet Freedom Hack and we have several teams and projects in each city. All of these teams are open to new participants, and have plenty to do, so if you couldn’t make it yesterday but are still thinking about turning up today, we’d love to see you! Brisbane projects under way Infinite Monkeys. Combating fake news by analysing where it came from. Find out the genesis of an idea by finding copy-pasted or very similar wording between different online news articles.
  • Internet Freedom Hack: Defending Truth – what should we do?

    This is a follow-up to our last blog on who should come to Internet Freedom Hack: Defending Truth. This time we’re focusing on some ideas for projects we could do while we’re there. Here are some suggestions we’ve had from the organising team and from prospective attendees via the idea submission form on internetfreedomhack.org. These projects require varying levels of tech skill, and some require no tech skill at all.
  • Internet Freedom Hack: Defending Truth – who should come?

    We’re looking forward to meeting people with a wide range of skills at Internet Freedom Hack: Defending Truth, April 20-21 (Melbourne) and April 20-22 (Brisbane). We wanted to let you know what we’re looking for, and who we want to attend. We want you if you have ever had ideas or thoughts about how to make the internet better, how to defend genuine journalism against the onslaught of fake news, or how to protect your personal truth from the grubby mitts of Big Tech.
  • Announcing Internet Freedom Hack: Defending Truth

    Internet Freedom Hack is a community event for technologists with a passion for digital rights. We’ll get together for a weekend to make things that advance the cause of internet freedom. We’re announcing the next Internet Freedom Hack in partnership with the Australian Privacy Foundation, Blueprint for Free Speech, CryptoParty Melbourne, Digital Rights Watch, and Electronic Frontiers Australia, supported by Buildkite and ThoughtWorks. It will run in Brisbane on 20th-22nd April 2018 and, for the first time, simultaneously in Melbourne on 20th-21st April 2018.