Take on the role of an intelligence analyst, wade through the metadata, and track down the whistleblower! Have fun, and learn how dangerous metadata surveillance really is.

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Join our game on Saturday 10th December 2016 (11:00) at the University of Melbourne. We’ve created an imaginary whistleblower who has leaked data to a fictional journalist. You will be working as a data intelligence analyst and your job will be to find them using techniques similar to those used by real-life intelligence analysts.

All you need to solve the challenges is a web browser, no IT skills required! We’ll also eat food and drink lots of coffee.

Did you know that former NSA Director Michael Hayden stated “we kill people based on metadata”? Or that the Australian government is cracking down on whistleblowing by analysing journalists’ metadata?

Data retention (as defined and mandated in Australia in October 2015) invades every ordinary person’s privacy, including yours. See what it can tell you about journalists, such as the ABC reporter, Will Ockenden.

If you want to get a taste of the power of metadata surveillance, while having fun competing against others to see who can best abuse it, come and join us.

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